About Me

So this is where I am supposed to let you know a tad more about me. Well, okay, if I HAVE to.

I am Maureen; mother of one, geek of computers, fan of science fiction, obsessor of Johnny Depp, lover of animals and keeper of two cats and a few plants that are surviving despite my best efforts to kill them off.

I live in the Great White North (Canada for those of you who have no idea who Bob and Doug MacKenzie are). But it's really not frozen all the time. I don't live in an igloo, I don't have a pet polar bear and I don't subsist on back bacon (well, at least not every day).

I worked in healthcare for 40 years until I retired in 2019. I love to draw, paint and sculpt. I even sell handmade polymer clay charms and original digital drawings on Etsy. When I am not obsessing over the minutia of my blog, I can be found attempting to create something artistic.

That, or reading comics.

So there you have it.

Need to know more? Need to vent? Need a recipe for a great back bacon pie?

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Yeah, I should be doing laundry, yardwork, cleaning the house or planning meals. But frankly, I'D RATHER BE BLOGGING...